Sponges & Scourers

Cellulose sponges, lurex sponges, foam sponges for dishwashing and cleaning, with or without abrasive fiber, 2 or 3 layers. Special sponges with special fibers for uses requiring a more delicate touch. Galvanized and inox spiral scourers for dishwashing.

Sponges & Scourers

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Sponges "MAGICI"

Melamine cleaning sponges, "MAGICI" Cleans walls, tiles, upholstery, household items, without the need of using chemical products! 2 pcs./pack

Sponges "Veseli"

Printed dishwashing sponges "VESELI" With smiley faces print 3pcs./pack

Cellulose sponge, multifunctional

The multifunctional cellulose sponge is the perfect tool for the effective cleaning of fine surfaces or delicate dishes. Non-scratch fiber to remove hardened dirt; Polyurethane foam for foaming; Absorbent cellulose for wiping and drying. 1 pcs./pkg.